Welcome to Mindful Wellbeing Education Consulting!

M.Ed, BSc Couns & Psych, BA, Dip in Ed Leadership, Dip in Teaching MBSR/MBCT

MIGC, MIACP, Mindfulness Teachers Network Ireland

My name is Niamh Digan. 


I am committed to offering an integrated holistic approach to Wellbeing Education which adheres to principles of best practice.  Human flourishing and wellbeing involves learning to understand the multi-dimensional aspects of the individual and community experience: emotional, physical, spiritual, psychological and social.


So, whether you are a Teacher, Parent or School Leader, a member of the Business community or an Education Partner I am here to provide you with a range of tailor made services to meet your individual requirements.


Available on half-day, daily or a project basis to schools and organizations who wish to:

  • be proactive in relation to increasing employee satisfaction and wellbeing

  • be vigilant about early identification and reduction of prolonged stress

  • become Child & Vulnerable Adult Safeguarding compliant organisations in accordance with the Children First Act, Children First: National Guidance and  HSE ‘Safeguarding Vulnerable Persons at Risk of Abuse – National Policy and Procedures’.

  • provide for the professional development and training requirements of those responsible for teaching SPHE (social, personal and health education), RSE (relationships and sexuality education to include personal safety, teenage dating and consent education), Junior Cycle and Senior Cycle Wellbeing Programmes


I have many years’ experience working with the Department of Education and Skills in schools, third level colleges and education centres in Ireland, developing and managing health education, guidance counselling and wellbeing programmes.  I have worked with both children and adults in different contexts and offer individual consultation, training, workshops and seminars.  My teaching style is experiential and discursive, and I am skilled in creating a safe, supportive, deeply engaging learning environment where meaningful reflection occurs.


If you are interested in discussing personal and/or professional development opportunities please contact me by email and message me on my contact page with your query.  I will call you back at a mutually suitable time and we will arrive at an agreed programme of support.