Whole Staff Wellbeing Workshop

  • Promoting Positive Staff Relations and Cultivating Person-Centred Working Environments

Junior Cycle & Senior Cycle Wellbeing: Curriculum & Skills Training

  • An Introduction to the SPHE Programme: traditional and short courses

  • Exploring Relationships, Sexuality, Gender, Orientation & Consent

  • ‘Cultivating Alternative Healthy Highs’: A Proactive Approach to Mental Health and Substance Use Education

  • Supporting our Young People on the Journey from Bereavement, Change and Loss to Wellbeing

  • Personal Safety and Child Safeguarding Education

Child and Vulnerable Adult Safeguarding and Protection Training

  • This seminar examines Children First National Guidance on the Protection and Safety of Children 2017, Indicators of Abuse, DES Child Protection Procedures 2017, the role of the DLP and Child Protection in an organisational context. This course is for everyone interested in the safety, welfare and protection of children and vulnerable adults. It is for organisations that wish to be Child & Vulnerable Adult Safeguarding compliant and fully alert to statutory responsibilities under the Children First Act.

  • This work can include Child Safeguarding related policy development and review


‘Looking at Our Schools’ School Self Evaluation Support in the area of Wellbeing for Post Primary Schools and Centres of Education


Mindful Wellbeing and Stress Reduction Taster Workshops

  • Mindful Wellbeing Education endeavours to bring the benefits of mindfulness practice to all aspects of home, work, study and business life by ‘walking the mindful talk’ and honouring the ethical framework to which mindfulness belongs.


Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Courses for Educators        (Teachers, Parents and Managers)

  • Evidenced based mindfulness based stress reduction courses.

Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy for Groups and Individuals