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"This course allowed me to look at how I speak to myself and how I react to situations. I know that I need to be more gentle with myself and stop being so critical and judgemental of myself. I have learnt from sharing and listening with others in the group that we all experience self-doubt and that we can be very harsh on ourselves. Doing this course has made me stop and think a bit more before reacting to situations. It has made me aware of my body's reaction to situations and how I can use the breath and other meditations to help reduce the stressors.  It is the start of a new, stronger, caring, kinder me."

– Principal

Principals and Deputy Principals comments

Self Care and Mindfulness Course for School Leaders

"I have rated the course 10/10. I was feeling overwhelmed by the job and the huge responsibilities I carry on my shoulders. Throughout the course, I have with guided instruction taken stock of where I am, who I am and what I value. Through the various meditations and teaching strategies I have managed to become calmer, slow down and gain better clarity. I have questioned how I communicate with people. I am learning to stop and listen and realise the importance of when and how I respond. Thank you." 

– Principal

Principals and Deputy Principals comments

Self Care and Mindfulness Course for School Leaders

"Niamh kindly agreed to give a presentation on ‘The Power of Mindful Parenting’ at our recent AGM.  She discussed the emotional needs of adolescents and how we can best support them.  We reflected on parenting styles and the importance of consistency, encouraging responsibility and how to negotiate and manage conflict.  Niamh has a very personable approach and her friendly, relaxed demeanour put the parents at ease.  She is conscientious, skillful and empathetic in the delivery of her material.  She genuinely cares about people and is highly qualified to offer methods of coping with the daily stresses of our busy lives.  Niamh is a very engaging lady and we were honoured to have her speak at the AGM.  We would have no hesitation in recommending Niamh and can honestly say that to spend an hour in her company was a pleasure."

Pauline Smith, Secretary, Loreto Parents Association, Loreto College Cavan

The Power of Positive Mindful Parenting

Learner 1

“I met Niamh when she came to WYTEC.  I found the meditation useful when I did the practice with her and the other members of my class.  My body began to relax and I started settling in.  My mind slowed down too and joined my body in relaxation”.


Learner 2                                                                        

"I found Niamh to be very sincere and genuine.  She was also very understanding and supportive.  She genuinely wants the best for you.  She is very generous and easy to have a chat and a laugh with.  I also found her methods of mindfulness helpful.  She seems to have a very keen sense for reading your emotions as well.  She was very professional and I would highly recommend her to anyone."

WYTEC Learners

Health and Wellbeing Programme

"I completed the MBSR course in Limerick with the Mid West branch of the Institute of Guidance Counsellors.  It was such a good course, with very supportive, gentle guidance from Niamh who created a very safe space. It was lovely to share with my colleagues and it came at a crucial time for me in my personal and working life, providing me with tools to help manage my stress."

Julie, (Mid West branch) Institute of Guidance Counsellors

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Course for Guidance Counsellors

"Niamh facilitated a number of sessions in Child Protection and Vulnerable Adult Safeguarding training across the Adult Education Services in KCETB.  Niamh presented the material in a professional manner and dealt with sensitive issues in a safe and confidential manner. 


We would highly recommend Niamh to deliver this in-service to Adult Education staff."

Sarah Barron, Adult Education Officer, Kilkenny and Carlow ETB

Child Protection & Vulnerable Adult Safeguarding

“Our students participated in a Mindfulness & Wellbeing session during our summer program. The students gave amazing feedback about the workshop they participated in. They found the whole experience very rewarding and it gave them a new insight about how important it is to listen and to be aware of the different perspectives of other people. The students were also very appreciative of the way Niamh facilitated the workshop. They found Niamh to be calm, non-judgemental and effective in getting them to talk and open up about their experiences. I would have no hesitation in recommending Mindful Wellbeing Education to other teaching professionals working with young people. “

Patrick Jarratt, Coordinator, Kells Youthreach, Louth Meath Education Training Board

Student Wellbeing, Mindfulness and Compassion

'I attended a Child Protection and Safeguarding course facilitated by Niamh. She was very informative and professional in her facilitation of what is a very difficult and sensitive area. She was extremely knowledgeable and willing to answer any and all questions asked. I feel much more equipped to deal with any arising child protection issues because of it and would highly recommend Niamh'.

Paul, Music Generation Carlow

Child Protection and Safeguarding

'I did a mindfulness course with Niamh in 2018 . I really  enjoyed it and learned so much from her.

She  is a very good facilitator.  The quality of her meditations and materials  are excellent.  Her attention to each of us created a safe environment and her sense of humour only added to a great experience!' 

Jean Rogers, Institute of Guidance Counsellors, Tipperary Branch

Mindfulness (MBSR) for Guidance Counsellors

'The staff thoroughly enjoyed the session we had yesterday afternoon. Well being was introduced to us in a way that made it accessible to all. In this all too busy world, we were given the opportunity to reflect on our own wellbeing and to take time to relax, breathe and reflect.


It was very affirming for the staff who have always been concerned and engaged with student wellbeing.  One teacher said afterwards: 'More & more of the same please'.

Thank you to Niamh for her gentle but positive delivery and for reminding us to be compassionate with ourselves.'

Bernie Prendiville

Principal, Loreto College, Foxrock

"I enrolled in Niamh’s course last year because I was looking for help to reduce my stress and anxiety.   At the time, I was completely new to the practice of mindfulness meditation.  Niamh immediately put me at my ease.  The course was carefully structured, and by the end of the eight weeks I felt that I had acquired an effective toolkit to help me deal with the challenges and stresses of life.

Mindfulness is recognised as a powerful method for dealing with mental distress and is increasingly backed by new and emerging scientific evidence.  However, as with all forms of therapy, it’s efficacy depends greatly on the abilities and talents of the teacher.  Niamh is conscientious, skillful and empathic in her delivery of the course material. Her high level of qualification, breath of experience and caring nature shine through. Niamh makes it clear that she genuinely cares about the wellbeing of the people taking part in her course.  

By the end of the course, I felt that my anxiety had greatly reduced.  I was getting more enjoyment in my work, I was experiencing better relationships with people in my life and was genuinely happier and more joyful.  I was less reactive to the stressors of life.  I feel that I have developed a protective layer of inner resilience.  Life challenges continue to present themselves as they always will, but I am more confident in my inner resources to meet them.  I would recommend Niamh’s course to anybody who is interested in developing a practice of mindfulness".

Aine, Primary School Teacher

8 Week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Course

Niamh, Thanks so much for leading our workshop in the area of well-being.


The staff really enjoyed the atmosphere and fully participated in the experience.


Our core team has so many ideas to run with after the session.


No doubt we will be calling upon you again in the future. 

Máire Quinn

Deputy Principal, St Vincents Secondary School, Dublin

“She was so good we had to get her back again!”

Following Niamh’s excellent first presentation to our staff last year entitled “Staff Wellness”, we were asked by our teachers and special needs assistants to bring her back for a second presentation this year.

Niamh has a great connective rapport with all the staff and her positive disposition is extremely infectious.


Working as a teacher herself, Niamh understands the demands of classroom life and she has given our staff a number of worthwhile practical tips which have helped them as professional educational practitioners.

Gerry Duffy

Principal, O'Connell Secondary School, Dublin

It is with great pleasure that I recommend Niamh Digan and I do so without any hesitation or reservation.

Niamh has worked with Maynooth Post Primary school over the past 10 years in various capacities, primarily as facilitator of Staff Development Day sessions with regard to Well Being  and Child Protection.  In addition she worked closely with us in developing Life Skills modules for Senior Cycle and also worked with the school's Board of Management in the area of Child Protection Training.  She has been a constant source of advice and support to me as Principal during times of tragic losses.

Niamh is a pleasure to work with and has a very affable, kind and personable nature.  Her presentations are always of the highest quality and she engages all participants in a professional manner.

I look forward to continuing to work with Niamh in her new capacity in the future and wish her every success in her endeavours.

Le gach dea ghui


Johnny Nevin

Principal - Maynooth Post Primary School

Niamh is a first class facilitator and presenter who engages her audience with her gentle, encouraging and inclusive style. She is authentic and real and addresses challenging and complex topics with sensitivity.  She blends a solid theoretical base with a thorough understanding of the realities of teaching in second level schools in Ireland today.

Sharon McGrath

Principal, Fingal Community College

I have had the pleasure of attending numerous courses facilitated by Niamh over the years. Her enthusiastic delivery each time was professional, informative, and was always welcoming and friendly. Niamh also facilitated a full staff workshop and assisted me in 1) introducing our first Relationships and Sexuality Policy by using a collaborative, partnership approach and 2) establishing the Relationships and Sexuality Education (RSE) module for students in our school.

Feargal Close

St Paul's College, Raheny, Dublin

Over recent years staff from our centres engaged in a range of SPHE, RSE and Wellbeing training courses with Niamh. These workshops and seminars were always very engaging and energising for participants, providing centres with the skills and resources to develop whole-staff approaches to foster the growth and development of students social and personal skills whilst promoting positive health values and behaviours.

Frances Kileen & Christine Hughes

Youthreach Co-ordinators - Balbriggan & Rush

"This course has given me much needed self-reflection time. It has helped me rebuild my resilience and has helped me to rethink/review my quality of life. My relationships at home also need to be nourished. It has also reminded me that I have amazing colleagues who like me give their all to the role of leadership in education."

– Principal

Principals and Deputy Principals comments

Self Care and Mindfulness Course for School Leaders

"The experience of each Saturday session was so positive ... the cumulative effect of the spread of the sessions combined with the practice that I undertook between the sessions was really positive. As we moved through the weeks, I found myself developing an awareness of myself and of others that I didn't have before"

– Principal

Principals and Deputy Principals comments

Self Care and Mindfulness Course for School Leaders

"What this course has given me is a repertoire of techniques and practices that I know I can draw on in the future.  I have definitely a better sense of myself and belief in my capacity to manage myself better in both my working and personal life"

– Principal

Principals and Deputy Principals comments

Self Care and Mindfulness Course for School Leaders

"I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to do this course and feel very fortunate that the IGC selected such a professional facilitator.  Thank you, Niamh. You certainly held the group and provided a safe environment, encouraging but not forcing openness.  I had a mindfulness course on my to do list and am so glad I did MBSR as it provides a purposeful relationship with meditation in our daily lives.  My aim is to continue to practice and tune into my body and mind regularly during the day."

Rose, (Mid West branch) Institute of Guidance Counsellors

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Course for Guidance Counsellors

"Niamh facilitated a Health & Wellbeing Programme over 2 days of Workshops for both Learners and Staff in our Centre recently.  Niamh has worked with us previously when she delivered Child Protection Training. I have only the best things to say regarding Niamh’s delivery and facilitation skills.  She is so genuine and authentic and is passionate about her work.  She has deep respect for both the Learners and Adults alike. She has the capacity to link in with our young people, listening to them in a sincere and respectful manner.  Personally, I really enjoyed the work she did with the staff. It was so relaxing and it gave me an opportunity to ground myself which is extremely important when it comes to doing my job. The tips she gave us are useful tips for life and I will continue to use them."

Betty Guilfoyle Advocate WYTEC (Waterford Youth Training & Education Centre)

Health & Wellbeing Programme

"I have been the Principal of Franciscan College Gormanston for 10 years. In that time, I have worked collaboratively with Niamh on several whole school initiatives. Niamh has provided whole school CPD on professional school responsibilities for delivery and implementation of the SPHE and RSE curriculum; she has assisted with developmental opportunities for staff through specifically tailored CPD and

in those early years, she helped guide school management and staff as we emerged from a WSE inspection process and all that necessitated for our school.


Niamh is a people person.  I have encountered colleagues who have worked with Niamh who feel valued and understood. That is my experience too. Niamh has a strong awareness of how people respond and react in a working environment that can often be challenging and demanding, as well as stressful and emotionally charged.  We know that working in schools in the 21st century is tough. Niamh understands the needs of teachers and has the ability to provide the appropriate support and intervention that matters.

More recently, Niamh has provided specialist whole school support in the area of Staff Well Being.  We all know that education is not a mechanical system.  It’s a human system.  Niamh has the skills to tap into the importance of positive working relationships, the interconnectedness of people as well as the necessity for addressing our own personal challenges and looking after ourselves.


Niamh is an excellent communicator and relates well in all circumstances projecting a caring and engaging manner. People are drawn to her warm and appealing style both in delivery and in personality. Niamh is an excellent professional fully committed to her areas of expertise. A colleague with personal integrity.  I have no hesitation in recommending Niamh to you."

Dermot Lavin, Principal, Franciscan College Gormanston

Staff Wellbeing & Whole School CPD and Planning

"Niamh Digan, who specialises in the continuous professional development of teachers, particularly in the area of SPHE, RSE, Mental health and Wellbeing and Child Protection, delivered in-service on RSE and SPHE in St. Mary's College, Naas. 


She provided training to assist us in our delivery of SPHE and RSE in our school.  In the early stages of our in-service our hopes and concerns were taken into consideration. On reflection at the end of the days’ training, words such as ‘supported’ and ‘reassured’ emerged. This is because of the efficacy and professionalism with which Niamh delivered the training. 


We were informed about the wealth of resources we can draw from, in the delivery of RSE and SPHE programmes. The training was facilitated in an interactive manner.  We were invited to meet and understand our own levels of comfort and knowledge regarding various aspects of RSE and SPHE by putting ourselves ‘in the students’ shoes’. This was both edifying and eye-opening. 


Niamh also reinforced the absolute importance of planning, of utilizing the ASK model of education (attitudes, skills and knowledge) and of facilitating SPHE and RSE programmes in an incremental, age appropriate manner.  In addition, she advised us how to care for ourselves as teachers when delivering these programmes and of how collaboration and evaluation is hugely beneficial to both teachers and students."

Sally Barton, Deputy Principal, St Mary's College, Naas

Relationships & Sexuality and SPHE Teacher In-service

'This was one of the best courses I have ever participated in. The course content is excellent. For me though, the most important element of a course like this is connection with the facilitator.  I immediately felt safe with Niamh and felt I could trust her completely to guide me through the process.  The follow up recordings provided are an excellent resource to aid continued practice'

Margaret Golden, Secretary, Institute of Guidance Counsellors, Tipperary Branch

Mindfulness (MBSR) for Guidance Counsellors

"Enrolling in Niamh's MBSR course is one of the best things I've ever done for myself.


As a very happy but busy Mammy of 2 young children with an extremely active lifestyle I never actually took time to look after myself or my mind... I suppose like many others I was running on constant autopilot just ticking off boxes. This was all fine until I suddenly developed anxiety and began to suffer panic attacks.  It was then that a friend of mine recommended Niamh's course. 


I'll admit initially I was a bit skeptical about the mindfulness practice as I had no real experience of meditation. However, Niamh was so amazing at introducing and guiding us all through the course. She has such calming presence and just made me feel so at ease and welcome from day one. 


The meditation skills I learnt were wonderful and today I still practice the meditation tracks that Niamh supplied us with during the course. I use meditation every day now and that's something I learnt to love to practice during the 8 week course.  I look back and wonder how I managed without these skills. 


I benefited immensely from this course. The anxiety I was suffering has more or less gone and when I feel any niggles,  I revert back to the guidance and course work and that brings me back exactly to where I need to be.

I would highly recommend this course to everyone. I think everyone needs a bit of MBSR in their life.

Thanks again Niamh for all your wisdom, kindness and calmness. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole course.

Sheila, Busy Conscientious Mother of Two Young Children

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Course

“Stephen & I had read about the benefits of mindfulness for coping with busy, stressful lives, so when we learned about Niamh’s 8 week course, we signed up.  Deirdre met Niamh on professional basis in the past, and was impressed by her friendly, relaxed approach to the whole area of personal wellness.


We knew there was an element of daily practice involved, so we joined together to encourage each other to keep going weekly, and continue practicing when the course was over.  The support, encouragement and kindness we received from Niamh during, and after the course was exceptional, she has an amazing ability to put people at their ease.


Taking up something new, like mindfulness, requires time and daily practise, and it was helpful when we encouraged each other to grab ten or fifteen minutes after work to do a body scan.  At the beginning we always fell asleep during the practice, but over the weeks we began to experience a new way of dealing with worry and anxiety - a non judging, kind, refreshing way to react to things we cannot control.


It’s work in progress, but well worth a go.”   


Stephen & Deirdre, Dublin

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction 8 week course

Niamh introduced us to the concept of Wellbeing in a very relaxed manner.  She had a marvellous way of engaging us in conversation about staff and student wellbeing. 

She brought us on a journey whereby we felt affirmed as a staff.  It was a hugely empowering and invigorating experience.


Every staff should give some time to this very worthwhile journey.


Niamh has a wonderful way of working with people which demonstrates her expertise and ability to work with groups.


She has also worked with my Student Council. One of the members in a recent evaluation wrote: “Please come back, you are amazing”

Fiona Gallagher

Principal - CBS Roscommon

I have attended approximately 12 courses with Niamh Digan over the years. Each course has been excellently presented by Niamh. She has a wealth of knowledge and expertise. 


She gives teachers confidence in the area of wellbeing.

Issues that I would previously have been uncomfortable discussing, I'm now very confident addressing with students.


Niamh's approach is one of facilitation where she recognises the experience and expertise of others. She develops meaningful dialogue and allows you to tease out your own understanding of issues. A classic Socratic approach.


I would highly recommend any course presented by Niamh. She has the best insight into mindfulness and wellbeing education I have experienced to date.


From a professional and personal level I have gained a huge amount from all of her courses.

Mark Twohig

Castleknock College, Dublin

Niamh presented a Child Protection workshop in our school to all of our staff.  Her presentation was both personable and professional. She dealt with sensitive issues in a safe and confidential manner. Her workshop gives the staff confidence and the necessary skills to deal with Child protection issues.  We would highly recommend Niamh to give this in-service to any staff.

Frances Neary

Principal, Trinity Comprehensive School, Ballymun

I have had the pleasure of working with Niamh in the delivery of Child Protection training on numerous occasions over the last number of years.  Niamh is passionate about her work and this really shows in the way that she communicates and connects with the audience.  I really enjoyed my time working with Niamh and feel that I came away inspired and with a much greater insight into the subject having worked alongside her.

Niamh Ginnell

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