Parents & Guardians

“In order for parents and teachers to look after their child’s emotional health, they need to be able to look after their own. Having good emotional health and strong psychological resilience helps you enjoy the good and difficult aspects of parenting.  There are skills that parents can practice at home that will improve their own wellbeing and, in turn, their child’s emotional health.”

– Paul Gilligan, CEO of St Patrick’s Mental Health Services (2016)

As an interested Parent or Guardian who supports their child’s education, you may like to consider some of the following:


  • Child Protection, Welfare & Safety Training & Guidance

  • Wellbeing for Young People

  • 'Promoting Positive Mindful Parenting'

  • Sexuality: Relationships, Orientation, Gender &Consent Workshop

  • 'Supporting our Children on the Journey from Bereavement, Change and Loss to Wellbeing'

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If you are interested in discussing personal and/or professional development opportunities please contact me by email and message me on my contact page with your query.  I will call you back at a mutually suitable time and we will arrive at an agreed programme of support.