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School Leaders

“Mindfulness has the capacity to improve staff occupational wellbeing and job satisfaction, improve performance, and reduce the wasted expenditure and human misery represented by the many days of stress related sickness and attrition from the teaching profession. The evidence base for the beneficial impact of mindfulness on the young is growing rapidly and students clearly need teachers skilled in mindfulness to teach it”.

– Weare, K (2014)

Are you a School Leader or member of a School Board of Management?


Take a look at this menu of relevant supports:


  • Individual/Team Consultation

  • Child and Vulnerable Adult Protection and Safeguarding Training and Policy development

  • School Self Evaluation: Wellbeing Promotion Process (to include Wellbeing Policy Statement and Framework for Practice)

  • Stress Reduction and Compassion Training applied to the Classroom

  • Mental Health & Wellbeing Workshops: Promoting Positive Staff Relations and Cultivating Person-Centred Compassionate Cultures in Schools and Centres of Education

  • Wellbeing Curricular Support to include the following:

    • An Introduction to the SPHE Programme

    • Relationships and Sexuality

    • Personal Safety and Welfare

Contact Me

If you are interested in discussing personal and/or professional development opportunities please contact me by email and message me on my contact page with your query.  I will call you back at a mutually suitable time and we will arrive at an agreed programme of support.

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