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“Wellbeing in school starts with the staff. They are in this front line of the work and it is hard for them to be genuinely motivated to promote emotional and social wellbeing of others if they feel uncared for and burnt out themselves”

– Partnership for Well-being and Mental Health in Schools

As a Teacher or member of a Teacher Representative Body, you may be interested in some of the following supports:

  • Individual Support & Team Consultation

  • Child and Vulnerable Adult Protection and Safeguarding Training

  • Resilience, Stress Reduction and Compassion in the Classroom

  • Wellbeing Curricular Support to include the following:

    • An Introduction to the SPHE Programme

    • Relationships, and Sexuality

    • Personal Safety and Welfare

Contact Me

If you are interested in discussing personal and/or professional development opportunities please contact me by email and message me on my contact page with your query.  I will call you back at a mutually suitable time and we will arrive at an agreed programme of support.

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